Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Banned Books Week

Did you know that this is the official ALA Banned Books Week?

You'd be surprised concerning which books are continually challenged to be banned... there are still people out there that burn books because they disagree with them.

Two of my favorite books are on the top ten list of frequently challenged books: the Harry Potter series, and "The Bridge to Terebithia."

I don't understand the ignorance behind this... and it's scary. I'm not a fan of censorship.

"Why?" you ask? Well... if we begin censoring what books are appropriate or acceptable for our society, what happens to our freedom of speech? What happens to our freedom to expand our knowledge, to open our minds, to --- read the Bible?! I'm sure God's Word is considered very offensive to some.

I also see no significance to hiding something that we don't agree with. I don't think that we should make moral decisions for someone else.

And if you are really so concerned about what is available at your library, or that your kid might read it, how 'bout reading it with them? Discussing what you don't agree with, and why. (Of course, when you think your kid is able to handle the content or whatnot.)

I know I'm completely biased in this situation, and wouldn't really listen to an arguement otherwise- which makes me ignorant
. *ashamed*

You can read more about this at the official Banned Books website

Anyways... just thought you might want to be aware.... :)

Also- this kicks butt and I want to get one (it's a "banned books" bracelet):
Monday, September 26, 2005
To Grandma's house we go....
I've decided to take a mini-break from life and go visit Grams for a few days.

Mainly, the reasons why I am doing this are purely selfish in motive:

-Grams kicks butt when it comes to feeding me, and I've been craving some Cashew Chicken
-I've been promised that, for my birthday, they will let me sleep (the best gift anyone can give me!) while they take care of Em
-Shaun's going out of town for a couple of days, so I know I'm going to need the extra help
-I can watch "LOST" in the big ol' comfy recliner
-Grams & Mom have a buttload of scrapping supplies, so I'm planning on loading up some of my stuff and maybe get some creating done with them while I'm there

It's nice having family within driving distance again. :)
Thursday, September 22, 2005
Pregnancy Ponderings

Now that I've come to grips with the fact that, yes, we're having Baby #2 a mere few months after having Baby #1, a lot of things are going through my mind.


~how amazing life is

~how so very different motherhood has turned out to be

~how Emerson & Baby #2 have revealed things I never knew about myself

~how being able to watch my husband be a daddy makes me fall in love with him all over again

I must admit that not all of my thoughts have been so generous and zen-like. ;)

I have felt very very overwhelmed at the prospect of a new little one, because, as you may have figured out, this baby wasn't necessarily being "tried for" at the moment. It's so weird how things work out, though.

I have faith that this is God's timing. I can't tell you how very clearly I saw that with Emerson's conception and timing of her birth in our lives.

I have hope knowing that God's blessings are blessings- not ways that He's trying to "get at me" or test me or drive me crazy.

I have trust that He knows what He's doing... and that He's not going to leave me out here on my own to deal with two little ones.

My due date is May 9th, 2006. Emerson's 1st birthday will be April 2, 2006. Whoa.

Feeling a little better physically today- friends, thank you so much for the sweet words commented on my previous post. The cold is better, and not too much nausea today, to speak of. Hopefully I only have about a month more of this part of the pregnancy.
Monday, September 19, 2005
Amazing photos
Wanted to share this photo album from a New Orleans resident. Make sure you read his captions at the bottom.

5 Days with Katrina
I'm sick with a cold.

Was told I had a bladder infection at the doctor's last week.

Feel miserable.

Did I mention that I'm pregnant and in my HORRIBLE first trimester???


Just trying to make it through each moment.

Mainly by taking naps whenever Emerson does and going to bed early.

Does anyone have a magic pill on them? You know, the type that fixes everything and makes you feel better?

I suppose chocolate would suffice.

If I don't barf it up.
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
daddy & emerson

We've tried to make it a part of our nightly routine to read to Emerson, ever since she was a wee one.

We would read to her when she was teeny tiny, at night, to calm her down and get her lulled to sleep.

Now, she's more aware of the activity going on and tries to eat the book. She loves the attention from Mum & Dad. :)

It makes me so happy to watch Shaun reading to her. It's the stuff my dreams were made of.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Signs of Fall...

I was shocked today to feel the first breezes of fall.

You see, typically in Alabama, we get Blistering Hot Sun up until October, in which we get a brief week or two of actual fall type weather. Then it immediately turns gloomy and gray (which I personally don't mind, but I just LOVE autumn and could do with loads more of it).

So anyways, back to the breezes.

It got me in the mood to decorate our home for fall, which I'd been looking forward to- but really hadn't been inclined to do, due to the afore-mentioned Blistering Hot Sun.

Our home smells like warm coffee beans, spicy vanilla, and hints of pumpkin right now. Mmmmm.


I have to say, I am a thrift store gal. Poor Emerson has been dragged along to quite a few in her short life time.

Lately, I've been on the search to find her some winter clothes.

You see, before she was born, many of my baby showers consisted of starry-eyed childless women like myself who dreamed of dressing their little girls in darling little dresses and two piece outfits.

If it wasn't those girls at my showers, it was sweet grandmother types who also had fond memories of dressing their little girls up in darling little dresses and two piece outfits.

So I ended up with over 50 darling little dresses and two piece outfits.


Yes, ebay has already seen many of those that I had to weed out, but that left me with a quest to find some practical, warm play clothes for Em for this winter.

And the ol' thrift store came through for me.

I already found some good stuff there last week, and this week I found 2 cute hoodies, one fleece reversible jacket, a long sleeved onesie, and 2 pairs of Old Navy pants (one khaki cords, one dark washed jeans) - all for $6!! Can't get much better than that. :)


Off to do some more creating. Oh yeah- I finally completed Effer Dare #4! I'll post pics tomorrow... hopefully I'll be able to complete a few more layouts tonight.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Back from the Expo

So the Scrapbook Expo in Hotlanta was this past weekend...

The events of the last week involving all of the Katrina victims changed my perspective on going to the event... it's dumb that it takes something this catestrophic to open my eyes to how truly blessed I am. It was sad seeing refugees stopped at the state line rest stops, eating free food from the
Salvation Army and looking a bit shell shocked.

We had a good time, hanging out and seeking out new stuff there. It was my birthday present from my mom and Grams, and they both treated me to lots of fun goodies. Mom and my sister Mallory both won door prizes too, which was cool.
I loaded up with lots of Basic Grey, some Bazzil mono packs (brown and pinks, my faves!), some Basic Grey rubons (hella cute), & lots of odds & ends from other
manufacturers. Mallory, my little sister, really made the day fun for me because she took care of Emerson for me virtually the whole day. I was able to browse without having the stroller to navigate. Mallory was very self-sacrificing and definitely showed me that not ALL teenagers are selfish gits. ;) Thanks little sis.


Sunday night we went to go hear the band our bro-in-law plays in - Sunny So Bright. If you are ever in Birmingham, definitely go check them out. They are very cool.

We took Emerson to go see them... it was her first show. She wore her "Future Rock Star" onesie in honor of it. ;)

She did NOT like the flash on my camera! (I usually have it turned off when I take pics of her.) She did like the people, lights, and music.

Need to go organize my scrap goodies and get my scrapping area in decent shape for some creating....